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Downsized? Re-thinking your career? Starting a business? Trying to select a college major? Connect with host Sol Lachman, veteran career counselor and social worker, in the America Works Radio chatroom on for live career counseling and even livelier discussion about working in America.

America Works Radio is your chance to talk to the expert and gear up for change. It's an hour-long internet radio program, Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. EDT.

Each program features interviews with professionals and average working people who love their work and are passionate about what they do. And you'll have an opportunity to call in and find out how you can, even in these difficult times, chart a path to success.

You'll be able to ask questions and will come away inspired, and with concrete steps for positive action.

Join Sol Lachman, of, and all the rest of us and become a part of America Works.

Sol Lachman
You can join the conversation with Sol Lachman, career counselor and host of America Works Radio.

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We want your story for America Works. Whether it's success or struggle, be our guest. Send an email to to be featured on America Works Radio.

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